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The Story Behind
Financial Knowledge Guide

By Shah Rukh Khan

I am Shah Rukh. Maybe you find my name very familiar, but that’s okay. There’s only one reason behind starting Financial Knowledge Guide is to provide the basic and advance knowledge of Investment on Stocks, Financial Services, Banking Sector, Trading Tips, etc. to the youth and the people who are eager to learn about these terms. 

I believe to be successful in your business, and you have to take care of the ones who are going to change the scenario of tomorrow. We are the youngest country in the world, and I believe we can make it better than ever but together. Together is better. I’m not a leader; I’m just an ordinary person who has a common set of belief in inspiring people to do what they want to do in their life. 

I have a dream where people of my country know and understand about the aspects of Stock Market, Where the youth of my nation spends his/her pocket money or the portion of salary in the investment not in unusual activities. Where we help each other to make this country, the fastest growing country in the world. I believe we can do it, and it is possible but not easy. Let’s make it happen.

“I have a dream to educate the people to make their better than ever. Technology and revolution both are the different thing and both are useless if the person doesn’t know how to use it and make changes. I believe in my dream more than I believe in me.

By Shivam Kumar

I’m the one who believes in the most artistic and skilled work. I’m the master of execution. I know how to make a plan, how to execute it and get what is important for my company. I want that every single person has a basic knowledge of financial services. This will help people to build their wealth and understand their daily finance. 

The primary focus of this work is to develop financial knowledge of individuals. I want people over profit, and I believe in “KIS” principle, “Keep it Simple.” I’m a true believer of innovation and understands the value of creativity. Knowledge is like a sandwich to me, and I just want to grab every bit of it. 

I’m the most hungry person who is desperately want to learn about everything. Shah Rukh and Me have the same goal and believe, and we are making a change. Let’s do it together because Together is Better.

Learning never lies with age. “You can get anything and be anyone, All you need to do to is to learn about it, make a plan and execute it.”