Reading is one way to learn about the things. The things which sometimes we do not understand, it can be related to our personal life, business or love life. It seems sometimes we can’t think out of the box. By “Thinking Out of the Box” means, thinking out of your limitations and boundaries. You can never think out of your mind, You can only think inside your mind, and the Box is your boundaries. Only you create Those limits. You have to break those barriers and make a new way to think out of it.

Nothing can stop you until you stop yourself. Nothing can break you Until you cut yourself. So, Stop doing that. It’s You who can change the scenario of your life, and It is you who knows how you can change your life. It is you, who understand yourself and no one can ever understand you as you do. It’s all starts with you.

Now back to the topic, Books are the best friend of a person, It never asks you any questions about your health, about your studies, about your love life or anything, it just teaches you a new lesson every day. It will help you to make yourself a person that you always wanted to be.  

What are the basic needs of a person:

We are very selfish people, and we only think about ourselves. We or most of us only wish for, Good Health, More Money, Big House, Beautiful Wife/Handsome Husband or Even for World tour, etc.

But what we don’t do is think it over. Let’s assume, You’ve got the muscular body, and you are a well-fitted person. You’ve got a big mansion, millions of dollars in your bank account, beautiful wife/Handsome Husband and children and you even got the world tour, So now what?

Now you fulfilled all your wishes, what will you do now? I know, soon your desire will become something else. Well, that’s how the human nature works. Human needs never die. The reason for this little motivation story is to make you realize the value of you. Once you realize what you’re capable of doing nothing can ever stop you.

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How to earn millions by reading:

Warren Buffett, 87 years old, the fourth wealthiest person in the world. One of the most significant investors and business person who knows the value of reading. Warren Buffett was only eleven when he starts reading. He used to read in his dad’s office, and he learned about investments and ways to earn money. The book which inspires him a lot was, “A Thousand ways to make $1000.”

Once a reporter asked him about his key to success, what he said, ” Read around 500 pages every day. That’s how you’ll learn new things, and that’s how the knowledge works. The more you read, the more you learn. It builds up, like compound interest. Anyone can do it, any person can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

Books Suggested by Warren Buffett:

These are the Books that everyone should read in their life. Reading will do two things for you, and those two things are the most important things of your life. Reading will increase your knowledge, which seems so obvious. Besides, it will take you to the endless point of your mind, and there you’ll find ways to make yourself a wealthy and successful person.

  1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The Godfather of Investing Warren Buffett says, “The Intelligent Investor is the best book on investing ever written.”

This books will teach you about the Risk Management through the Asset Allocation and diversification. Simple ways to approach that will find out the errors of a portfolio. You’ll read about the Market History, Inflation, Speculation, and Investment.

  1. Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham

Another masterpiece of Benjamin Graham which helps the reader to know and understand the value of a company. Warren Buffett has been following the formula for 57 years which is given in this book.

To find out what is the secret of this book, you have to read it by yourself. Also, this book will teach you about the value investing.  

  1. Common Stock and Uncommon Profit By Philip Fisher

According to Phil, you know about the Financial statement, and you managed it somehow. But still maintaining the financial statement isn’t enough to build your company. You have to understand and evaluate the Company’s management. Warren Buffett says, “He’s an eager reader of whatever Phil has to say.”

  1. Stress Test by Tim Geithner

Tim Geithner was the former Secretary of US Treasury. He said in his book, leading a government or an economy in the financial crisis isn’t easy, You have to stress out the things and do the actual work.” Warren Buffett suggests this book for the manager to get the direction of leadership.

  1. The Essays of Warren Buffett by Warren Buffett

A book which has an extensive collection of Buffett’s letter. You’ll learn about the Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Investing, Mergers and Acquisition, Accounting and Valuation and much more.

It just a masterpiece of 200 pages and I guarantees you’ll read 400 pages. No matter if you’re a beginner, analyst, investor or a particular accounting pro, this book is for everyone.

  1. Business Adventures by John Brooks

Once Bill Gates asked Warren Buffett, What’s your favorite book. Buffett didn’t reply at that time, and later he sent a copy of this book to Bill Gates.

  1. Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogle

Nowadays people got degrees, They’ve got Masters and PhDs, etc. but when you ask someone a simple question such as “Some months have 31 days; How many have 28? You know the answer, Lets us know in the comment section.  Common sense is not that common, and not everyone has blessed with it. Likewise, In investing common sense is your key to become the successful investor. Take your time and learn.

Stock Market Terms

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